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Ash Scattering At Sea: Not Goodbye, But See You Again

When it comes to honoring the last wishes of a departed loved one whom chose to be cremated and scattered at sea, the process often times brings up those once soothed over, raw emotions all over again. Then there are the added challenges of finding a service provider whom will assist in carrying out those final wishes. Finding the right company, the right boat, the right Captain and the right location are all obstacles many families find themselves facing. Sandhill Charters in West Palm Beach, Florida understands all these issues and specifically caters to those seeking to close one chapter so that the next one may begin. But make no mistake, the story of your departed loved one is far from over.

Cremains and flower petals being released to sea off a boat in the Atlantic Ocean

In recent years, ash scattering at sea and even burial at sea, have gained popularity as a beautiful and healing way to bid farewell to those loved ones whom have passed away. Though at Sandhill Charters, we don't say goodbye but rather "see you again". This unique and serene private ceremony allows families and friends to find peace, connection with nature, and a sense of a new beginning. In this post, we will explore the significance of ash scattering at sea and its growing appeal as a meaningful memorialization option. At the bottom will be ways to connect with Sandhill Charters, as both unattended and attended Ash Scattering Services are provided.

  1. The Symbolism of the Sea: The vastness of the sea holds a profound symbolic meaning for many cultures. It represents eternity, the cycle of life and death, and the boundless expanse of the universe. Scattering ashes into the sea serves as a powerful metaphor for releasing the mortal and physical remains of a loved one, allowing them to merge with the ever-flowing waters and embark on a new journey. The sea's dynamic nature embodies the concept of constant change, providing solace to those left behind, knowing that their loved ones are part of something greater.

  2. Connection with Nature: Ash scattering at sea offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature in a deeply meaningful way. The rhythmic sound of the waves, the salty air, and the vastness of the ocean create a serene and tranquil environment, facilitating a sense of peace and serenity. Many people find solace in the idea that their loved ones' remains become part of the natural world, mingling with the currents, and contributing to the ongoing cycle of life. Moreover, the oceans currents travel around the globe and back again. A column of water in one location can take 1000 years to reach the same point after traveling the "oceans conveyor belt".

  3. Privacy and Intimacy: One of the appealing aspects of ash scattering at sea is the privacy and intimacy it provides. Unlike traditional funerals or cemetery burials, which may involve larger groups and formal proceedings, scattering ashes at sea offers the opportunity for a more personal and private gathering. Families can choose to have a small ceremony aboard a boat, accompanied by close friends and family members. This intimate setting allows for reflection, sharing of memories, and the opportunity to bid a personal farewell to the departed.

  4. Flexibility and Location: With Sandhill Charters, another advantage of ash scattering at sea is the flexibility in choosing the date and time that works for all wishing to attend, or to steer clear of mother nature and rough sea conditions. Every aspect of a family's ceremony is tailored to them and how they want experience to go to best honor the family in present or the wishes of the departed loved one. In Palm Beach at the Lake Worth Inlet, we are at the furthest east point in Florida, also making us the closest to the Gulf Steam currents meaning we can scatter in the inlet during an outgoing tide or venture 3 miles offshore into Federal waters. In both cases, cremains will become part of the Gulf Steam. This flexibility enables a truly personalized and tailored experience, allowing for a more meaningful and authentic tribute despite any unfavorable offshore conditions or an individual's reservations about navigating into the open ocean.

  5. Environmental Considerations: In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are increasingly important, ash scattering at sea aligns with the values of many individuals and families. Biodegradable urns are used to contain the ashes, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems. Fresh flowers or even hand written notes released with the cremains can be released into the ocean. These eco-friendly options contribute to the preservation of marine life and the overall health of our oceans, offering a peaceful farewell while respecting the environment.

Ash scattering at sea via Sandhill Charters, provides a beautiful and poignant way to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. The symbolism of the sea, the connection with nature, the privacy and intimacy, and the flexibility in choosing a location all contribute to its growing popularity as a meaningful memorialization option. As we seek closure and healing in our grief journey, this serene and deeply personal ritual offers solace and a sense of peace, allowing us to let go while holding onto cherished memories forever.

To learn more about Sandhill Charters and our Ash Scattering Services, please visit or call 561-316-7528. We provide both unattended and attended options for up to 6 guests and can receive cremains via the free to order USPS Cremains Kit #2 if unable to attend in person. We are proud to be the best, of the very few service providers in the area and are always deeply honored to be a small part of such a large and intimate life process.

A profile photo of Captain Matt Wurth of Sandhill Charters LLC of West Palm Beach

Written and published by Matt Wurth, Captain and Operations Manager for Sandhill Charters LLC, a family owned and operated small business serving the Palm Beaches.

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