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Authorization for the Burial at Sea by the Scattering of Ashes by Sandhill Charters LLC

Sanshill Charters logo of sandhill crane depicting ocean waves as feathers and a boat riding on the waves

Please fill out the following form
in order to authorize Sandhill Charters LLC to perform Sea Scattering services

I/We the undersigned hereby request and authorize" Sandhill Charters LLC . (hereby referred to as the "Company") to take possession of and make arrangements for, the dissemination of the cremated remains of ,

(hereafter referred to as the "Deceased") in accordance with and subject to: a) the terms and conditions set forth in this authorization; b) the Company's Rules and regulations; and c) any applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

I/We certify, warrant and represent that I/We have the full legal right and authority to authorize the dissemination of the remains of the deceased.

I/We hereby authorize the Company to disseminate the cremated remains of the Deceased at sea in the offshore waters of the State of Florida. I/We hereby direct the Company to disseminate said cremated remains at sea, in accordance with State and Federal Law

"Burial at Sea" or "Ash Scattering" consists of the scattering of cremated remains at sea. I understand that once the cremated remains of the Deceased are scattered, they are unrecoverable. Unless otherwise specifically provided for herein, once scattering of cremated remains of the Deceased has been performed, the Company will dispose of the container which contained said cremated remains.

The obligation of the Company shall be limited to the disposition of the cremated remains as directed herein. I agree to release and hold harmless the Company, its affiliates and their agents, their employees & contractors, successors and assigns from any and all loss, damage, liability or causes of action (including attorney's fees and expenses of litigation) in connection with the disposition of the cremated remains of the Deceased as authorized herein or respect to the identification of said cremated remains as being those of the Deceased.

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Form Sent! We Are Honored To Serve You

Celebration of Life script in blue lettering
Burial at sea, sea scattering by the spreading of ashes in the Atlantic Gulf Stream depicting creamains released in the ocean along with fresh pink and white rose and flower petals in beautiful ocean blue water
In Loving Memory script in gold color
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